Addressing your concerns.

This is a project not to serve us, but to serve God’s Kingdom and grow it in Peoria. This is an opportunity for us to create a facility that will invite others to come to know Jesus Christ. We’ve been blessed to grow our congregation in this building for so long — now it’s time for us to take the next step in our faith.

That said, we understand there are some questions and concerns in regard to the project. We will try to answer those questions to the best of our ability. If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for here, please feel free to contact the church leadership.

Capital Campaign Questions

Q: Can I make an online donation?

Absolutely! In addition to printing pledge cards, the church will be running an online donation campaign through PushPay. Click here to make a donation.

Q: Does Peoria Nazarene accept donations other than cash?

Of course! While we may naturally think of giving directly from our income, there are also other, more creative ways to give to Peoria Nazarene Church. These may include real estate, stocks or bonds, life insurance policies or cash values of policy, antiques, works of art, jewelry, coin or stamp collections, income tax refunds, irrevocable or revocable trusts, and more. You may choose to make monthly, quarterly, or one-time cash offerings or you can choose to make donations with more tangible assets.

Q: What if I can’t fulfill my pledge?

Your pledge card is not a contract. We will not send you past-due notices. Many who give are pleasantly surprised by how the Lord provides for them when they give with a faithful heart. But if you simply cannot continue with your initial pledge amount, call Peoria Nazarene Church and we can update your pledge to something more manageable.

Q: What happens if we don’t reach our fundraising goal with the project about ready to be started? 

We have secured sufficient short-term financing that will enable us to fund the project for six months. The project scope can be narrowed if insufficient pledges are a reality. Our fundraising consultants, McDaniels Marketing, have analyzed our past giving and have given us the confidence that we will hit or surpass our goal.

Mission & Vision Questions

Q: Any chance of buying any of the land to the north of our property yet?

We pursued this possibility with the help of a real estate agent in 2018-2019, but at this time there isn’t an interest in selling the land. We have a great relationship with our neighbors, and they know our interest if the land would ever come available.

Q: Will the renovation include offices for our pastors?

The new design has an office for our lead pastor and large shared office that is conducive for additional pastors and staff. The open spaces in the floor concept also allow for spaces for meetings and counseling. Flexibility is key.

Q: How do we address losing 10 parking spaces?

We have an agreement with the Jewish Federation that allows us to use their lot next door.

Q: What will breastfeeding mothers do?

We have spaces including the nursery that can serve as a place for mothers. Our building design also has flexibility for adjusting our spaces as the needs may change. We also are excited about the open spaces through the building for moms and dads to connect with toddlers who they may not be ready to attend kids’ ministry — that is one of the feedback items we received from our Children’s Ministry Subcommittee.

Q: Did you explore the cost of selling the current property and building a new church that fits our current and future needs?

We have explored the possibilities of selling the building. A real estate agent told us that it can be difficult to sell churches/religious buildings unless another church is interested. We believe our current space is positioned in Peoria and in a community that needs a gospel-centered church with our unique culture. We believe the facility allows us to grow (e.g., multiple services or church planting in the future).

Q: Why invest this much in a building?

The heartbeat of our church has always been connecting people to God’s love since 1925. We have also seen the need to have a place for the whole church to gather for worship, discipleship, preaching, and relationships. We value a place where we can invite people who to don’t Jesus to come and experience his love. In the three different buildings we have built since 1925, we have given hundreds of thousands of dollars to mission, ministry, and needs. We have seen people delivered from sin, lives transformed, men and women called to ministry. Remodeling our facility helps continue our people focused ministry for generations to come.

Building & Construction Questions

Q: Who is the builder?

ES Construction.

Q: How many contractors have you bid the work to?

ES was the only company who bid for General Contractor— long relationship, connection, and willingness to work with volunteers if needed. We did field several bids for subs.

Q: Will we continue to meet on-site during construction, or will we be required to meet elsewhere at any time during the 18-month period? If we need to meet elsewhere, is the rental cost included in the $1.5 million figure?

We do not anticipate the need to gather elsewhere than our current facility. Our Building Committee is going to work closely in phasing the project with our builder to allow creative flexibility for us to continue worshiping and using our facility.

Q: With the price of wood and materials at an all-time high, is there value in waiting a little longer to start to see if the cost of materials may go down?

We have raised these concerns with our builder and architect. While it is true that costs are up and do impact this project, the majority of our new design is about opening up spaces and eliminating walls which helps. We are going to work closely with our builder for the 18-month construction process to reduces cost in any way we can.

Q: Other than giving funds, will there be any other ways to be involved in the construction project?

Volunteer possibilities that could reduce costs will open up. As always, prayers are encouraged.

Design Questions

Q: Are there no changes for the sanctuary?

The sanctuary largely will remain the same. New doors will be added at the back of the sanctuary along with a new side door from the Fireside Room. New Kalwall translucent panels will be installed at the back and more space will be created with the removal of stairwell. New exit doors have already been installed.

Q: Will there be enough storage area on the main level behind the sanctuary? Better allocation of storage space behind front of sanctuary?

We believe that the new design does the best it can to maximize our space for ministry while allowing storage. There is a possibility of adding storage if needed in the future. We are thankful for the work that Eric and Tara Morr have volunteered already to make more storage in that area.

Q: Will the renovation include a water source or sink area for coffee bar, serving, and storage?

Yes, that is included in the design.

Q: I don’t see HVAC in the floor drawings. Where will the mechanical be located?

Our Building Committee is still working out the details of the plan. The goal is to reduce the loud mechanical rooms throughout the building.

Q: Will the renovation include sound isolation of children’s worship area directly below sanctuary stage?

Acoustic tiles will be used. We also have the option of adding batting to reduce noise.

If you would like assistance setting up online giving through PushPay,
please contact our Treasurer or call the church office (309) 692-3131.