There are several ways you can give to support the mission and ministry of Peoria Nazarene Church.

In person
We provide an offering envelope for you during all of our weekend services.
By mail
Peoria Nazarene Church
5504 N University St.
Peoria, IL 61614
You can give a single or recurring gift online securely with Church Center. Use the link below.

If you would like assistance setting up online giving through Church Center,
please contact our Treasurer or call the church office (309) 692-3131.
Church Center uses Stripe to process payments securely. 

A note about credit cards

While we allow the use of credit cards for tithes and offerings, we still strongly encourage the use of electronic funds transfer (checking account) rather than a credit card for two primary reasons:

1) Although many pay off their credit cards each month, many also do not. We do not want to encourage someone to go into debt and pay interest on gifts given to the church.

2) With electronic transfer, your entire gift goes to the church. When using a credit card, as much as 3% of your gift can go to the credit card company.