Pastor Hazelwood and giving faithfully.

At Peoria Nazarene Church, we are blessed by the sacrifices that previous generations have made. We have an opportunity to step and build on the sacrifices of those who have come before us. Modernizing our building will allow us to create connections in keeping with our mission.

This project will lead our church to grow for generations to come by creating a space that can adapt to the changing needs of our membership and the community at large.

Our church began as a mission in 1925 before we even had a building. Our current building was completed in 1975 around the time of our 50th anniversary. For the past 46 years, we’ve enjoyed and used this building because the people who came before us understood what it meant to take risks — people like Pastor James Hazelwood. Pastor Hazelwood led the building project that gave us this building because he knew God would provide for us. He — and the congregation — took a risk, borrowed money, and celebrated the burning of the mortgage just a few years later. Pastor Hazelwood believed God would provide for us then, and He did.

Now as we approach our 100th anniversary, we have an opportunity to put our faith in God just as Pastor Hazelwood and the church family did nearly 50 years ago. If we are truly passionate about reaching our community and connecting people to God’s love, then we must recognize that this building needs to be updated in order for us to accomplish the mission God has called us to. Through this project, we are building real connections and creating space for people to connect to God and one another.

This is a project not to serve us, but to serve God’s Kingdom and grow it in Peoria.

This is an opportunity for us to create a facility that will invite others to come to know Jesus Christ. We’ve been blessed to grow our congregation in this building for so long — now it’s time for us to take the next step in our faith. Right now, we ask for everyone’s prayers for the future of Peoria Nazarene Church and how the renovation project today will make a lasting impact for our families, friends, and neighbors for generations to come.

If you would like assistance setting up online giving through PushPay,
please contact our Treasurer or call the church office (309) 692-3131.