Trusting an Unknown Future to a Known God

Written by Diane Jones.

Do you Feel like you are unraveling, or am I alone fighting an emotional pandemic of anxiety? The media informs, but when the anchor person asks an expert, “Are you afraid, or how afraid are you?” I sense my blood pressure rising. We are at war, fighting for our peace. The enemy’s main work is to chip away at our faith and to instill fear.

God tells me to captivate all my fearful thoughts.

“We destroy arguments and every lofty opinion raised against the knowledge of God, and take every thought captive to obey Christ”,…  2 Corinthians 10:5

Captivating the thought life is a command not a suggestion. However, the command is not a legalistic one, like  “shape up by yourself.”

Our ability to captivate our thoughts is limited in our own power. Christ offers Holy Spirit power.

In elementary school I had an overwhelming essay project. We had a month to write about the sections of an orchestra and all the instruments in each section. The evening before the paper was due I had not even begun to write. Needless to say, I was unraveling in terror. My mother did not come unglued. We sat after supper, and to her credit, for  several hours with a reference book. She began  by pointing me to the string section. I wrote. Then she told me the instruments that fell in that category. Calmly, she carried me through the whole orchestra details, pointing and explaining.

That reminds me how God assists His children in crisis. He points to scripture to combat the fears. We write what He says on our hearts.

Submitting our emotions to God may seem difficult, but the more we practice the better we become at releasing everything to a Him.

God actually wants us to tell Him when we are afraid, lonely, or overwhelmed.

God actually wants us to tell Him when we are afraid, lonely, or overwhelmed. Whining and complaining irritates Him, but we are free to tell Him our frank emotions. He desires to not only give us peace, but help us in the process. So, fight the good fight. Trust an UNKNOWN FUTURE TO A KNOWN GOD.

Diane Jones is a member of Peoria Nazarene Church. She and her husband Doyle have faithfully served the church for many years. Diane has led prayer groups, written devotionals, and has brought encouragement to many people.


Trusting an Unknown Future to a Known God

Mar 23