Trackers of Truth Resources for Family Worship

For family worship time you and your family can listen to a short podcast called “The Farm Talk Podcast” which reviews every “Trackers of Truth” lesson. You can access “The Farm Talk Podcast” either on iTunes or by creating an account with Seedbed. Here are the steps to access the Farm Talk Podcast and the worship music and animated videos for “Trackers of Truth” with Seedbed.

  1. Create an account with Seedbed by registering here
  2. When registering make sure to choose “I’m a member” for the church involvement question
  3. Click “Find Church” under the your church question
  4. Type in Peoria Nazarene Church and Peoria and select Illinois.
  5. After searching select Peoria Nazarene Church
  6. Click register
  7. After you are registered click on “digital content”
  8. Click on “view category”
  9. Click on “view content” for Old Testament Classroom kit
  10. From there you will have access to view or download recourses such as the podcasts, worship songs, and the animated videos

If you have any questions feel free to reach out to our Associate Pastor of Family Ministries – Pastor Shawn.


Trackers of Truth Resources for Family Worship

Oct 27