Sermon Planning Feedback

Dear Church Family,

Over the next several weeks I hope to spend intentional time prayerfully outlining sermon series for the next year. There are two specific ways that I could use your help:

  1. Pray for God’s help! It means so much knowing that you are praying for me as I seek to develop sermons that are faithful to God’s Word and to the needs of our community. I cannot do this without your prayer. Would you pray that God would help me to not get distracted and be able to complete this task? Would you pray that God would enable me to experience his clear leading and faithful presence that would allow me to hear clearly how God is leading me? Pray that I first have the faith to respond in my own heart and life, even as I prepare to share with others. Pray that God would guide my heart and mind to the passages and series that we need for this year.
  2. Share Feedback and Ideas. God speaks to all of us through Creation, the Bible, the Holy Spirit, and through each other. I have prepared a Feedback Form below with a number of questions that I would love for you to prayerfully respond to with your thoughts and ideas. The form is anonymous. Hearing from you will help me discern how God might be leading us together this coming year. Please feel free to reach out if you would rather talk over coffee or have a conversation on the phone.

2022 Sermon Planning Feedback Form

Thank you for your prayers and thoughtful feedback!

Pastor Mark


Sermon Planning Feedback

Dec 17